DBTEL, Taiwan unveils its product range for the Indian market
- Launches 12 models featuring 65,000 High Resolution Colour Display-


¢ New Delhi, November 27, 2003: DBTEL Incorporated, the leading Taiwanese telecommunication equipment manufacturer today formally launched its products for the first time in the country. DBTEL in its maiden initiative in the Indian sub continent has launched a range comprising of 12 models of mobile phones in the Candy Bar & Clam Shell style segments.

In a press conference organized in the city, leading Taiwanese models sashayed down the ramp showcasing the new range. All the colored mobile phones launched by DBTEL in India feature 65,000 high-resolution color displays as compared to the 256 to 4096 color display mobile phones currently available in the market.

¢ Speaking on the launch, Mr Levis Hsu, A-PAC Operations, DBTEL said, "We are happy and excited to have entered the Indian market. It is the second largest and fastest growing market for mobile phones in Asia."

" This initial launch of 12 state of the art mobile phones is a reflection of the large range of technologically advanced mobile phones manufactured by DBTEL. We are the first company to deliver a truly high-resolution color display phone to the Indian consumer and this is certainly a breakthrough as the consumer will not only experience a superior visual enjoyment, but also will be surprised by the convenience features DBTEL brings to you ", he further added.

The company plans to introduce a total of 23 models of mobile phones in the next 6 months. Besides the candybar shape, DBTEL has planned to release more than 10 models, and will include the Asian most favorite clamshell and dual-display styles. Early this year the Taiwanese major tied up with Munoth Communications Ltd., a Chennai based company for distribution and marketing of its range of mobile phones in India. On the anvil are also plans to set up a network of after sales and customer care outlets across the country.

¢ About DBTEL Technology
DBTEL enriches its product functions by adopting the latest technology. For example, the built-in MP4 zip format allows you to download and watch movies and MTV anytime through your mobile phone. With having the DBTEL mobile phone, you will be able to watch any new release movie you like without going to the theaters in person anymore!

¢ About DBTEL
DBTEL is a professional telecommunication terminal products supplier founded in Taiwan since 1979 with a manufacturing plant in Taiwan, Malaysia and China. The brand, DBTEL, was conceived and introduced in June 2001 as part of company's Own Brand Manufacturing (OBM) concept. DBTEL has quick development cycle and quick turnaround expertise in manufacturing telecommunication products. These allow DBTEL to adopt, diversity and make adjustment as per every market requirement in a very short span of time. DBTEL continuously develops new models of mobile phones. DBTEL ensures each mobile phone they made has better design, rich features and more competitive price. About 10,000 DBTEL employees worldwide focus on a single goal: 'Creating a future of communication that transcends imagination'

Product Profile

¢ DBTEL 8036 ::
Dual-display Mastering Time and Call Status Elegantly

DBTEL 8036 presents a classic taste. The thin, long and smooth curve, check pattern, 65,000 high-resolution color display make DBTEL 8036 as charming as you! Its dual-color display design allows you to manage time and call status easily. The built-in FM radio allows you to follow the fashion and news all the time. You will find the action freedom from the wireless WAP and GPRS internet access, JAVA games and its downloading capacity. The 32 polyphonic ringtones and multi-theme background make your communication life fantastic.

¢ DBTEL 8038 ::
Square Shape Shows Your Gentleman Quality

The "Key" concept was applied on the design of DBTEL 8038. It indicates you are going to enter a fabulous communication world with 65,000-color display and 40 polyphonic ringtones. The square shape introduces your generous characteristic. DBTEL 8038 features all the basic communication functions, such as wireless WAP and GPRS internet access for your moving freedom, JAVA games and its downloading capacity for fun and killing your extra time, the inside and outside wallpapers setting, world time zone setting and browsing, 250 sets phone book storage capability, handsfree design, will be a guarantee to satisfy your needs in diverse aspects.

¢ DBTEL 5688 ::
Beautifully Inside and Outside

The design of DBTEL 5688 focused on the changeable front panel. Consumers could print the favorite photos on it. The 7 colorful LED alert will be glowing with the incoming calls and glittering beautiful shines. Furthermore, the moment you flip up the phone to accept an incoming call, the 65,000-color display and 16 polyphonic ringtone will come to cheer up your mood right away.

¢ DBTEL 5688+ ::
Swiss watch inlayed

The first invented design of the inlay of Swiss watch allows customers to perceive time even when the mobile phone is out of battery or unable to use the phone. In addition, you will also be impressed by the 7 colorful neon LED alert, 65,000 high-resolution color display, 16 polyphonic ringtones, EMS-enhanced massage system, group call setting, screen saver, wallpaper design, animation when turn on and off the phone.

¢ DBTEL 2051P ::
Silver Candybar 65,000 High-resolution Color Display

DBTEL 2051P is design for the young generation who enjoys the fast pace of the living environment. Its immediate dialing feature and 65,000 high-resolution color display fully demonstrate the traits of the cool young. DBTEL 2051P is also remarkable by its graphic and ringer downloading capacity, EMS, built-in games, animation screen saver, one touch key and the phone book duplication between SIM card and handset.

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