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In 21st century, our life will be more wonderful. You can obtain the voices, images, information and multi-media communication fast and easy via a mobile phone on your hand. This is the revolution that broadband mobile phones brought to you. Thanks to the communication technology, the world¡¦s boundary has become smaller and smaller.

DBTEL Incorporated devotes its wide range resources to develop the broadband mobile communication products constantly, so as to present the products of 2.5G GPRS to 3G W-CDMA to the world very soon. By using DBTEL products, people is getting closer and closer, it connected the energy unhindered, integrated and at high-speed.

Imagine that you are enjoying a coffee in Paris and using a mobile phones to check the flight information for your trip, check in online, send a "Happy Birthday" song to a friend in USA for his birthday. All of these is just done by a small gadget on your palm. What a easy and pleasure life is coming to us.
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