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Founded and named as DBTEL Incorporated, located at   Sec.3 ,
Roosevelt Rd..
Production of Computer Dial Pads and Corded   Telephones.

Annual sales of NT$612 millions. Listed in top 500 Manufacturer inTaiwan and ranked at the 414th.
Purchased of auto injection machine, introduced the automated production facilities.
New product developed: Telephone Answering Machines.
Set up plastic factory, launched in-house production for plastic components, to improve quality, reduce raw-materials   purchasing costs.
Purchased of a new factory located in Taiwan's Tu-Cheng Industrial District, with total area of 9,256 meter squares.
Opened South East Asia market successfully, a sole supplier for Malaysia Telecom.
New product developed: Cordless Telephones.
Published to the share market: Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange since July-16-1991.
Set up another new factory in Malaysia to expand its productivity, with total area of 16,529 meter squares.
Awarded for "BRONZE AWARD" by AT&T .
New product developed: Loop Carriers.
Opened European market successfully, won a long term orders from Siemens Inc.
Malaysia subsidiary was granted the certificate of ISO9002.
New product developed: CALLER ID ¡BCALLER ID Telephones.
The first manufacturer that integrates the functions of cordless telephones and C.I.D system.
Invested on Shanghai, China, to expand capacity and reduce production costs.
New products developed: G3 Ink-Jet Plain-Paper Fax Machines, IC Card Payphones, Digital Answering Machines.
The factory based in Tu-Cheng, Taiwan was granted the certificate of ISO9001.
The factory based in Shanghai, China was granted the certificate of ISO9002.
New product developed: DECT¡BSST 900MHZ Cordless Telephone, 33.6 KBPS Modem.

DBTEL's Ink-Jet Plain-Paper Fax Machine 800/810 has been awarded for "Product Excellence", "Silver National Award of Cellence " and "CED Design & Engineering Award".
Awarded for "LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES 1997 BEST VENDOR" by Lucent Inc.
The first manufacturer of developing the mass production of DECT telephones in Taiwan and has been successfully launching the product to European market.
New product developed: MFP Multi-Function Officejet.
Awarded for 1998 "Award on New Product Development" by Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan and was summoned by the President again.
The DBTEL self developed products, such as DECT, SST, PCMCIA Wireless- LAN Card, awarded for "Taiwan Product Excellence" again. SST was nominated as Silver National Award of Cellence.
Bid the IC card Public Phone project of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. successfully, the marketplace coverage is over 80%.
Developed 2nd generation of DECT, introduced a small and lightweight cordless telephones to market and enhanced the competitiveness of DBTEL.
Specializing in production of high-frequency telephones, DBTEL is the largest manufacturer of mass production for GSM in Taiwan.
The first manufacturer of mass production for GSM telephones in Taiwan.
DBTEL's new generation of DECT Europe-wide digital telephones awarded for "Symbol of Excellence".
The Chairman of DBTEL Incorporated, Mr. Michael Mou is honored by Business Week as year's "Asia Star".
Awarded for the 8thAward For Industrial Technology Advancement by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.
DBTEL Incorporated has successfully self-developed a Chinese-English dual band mobile phone and it is in mass production.
DBTEL invested NT$1 Billions to set up a complete information system of R&D production management.
New product developed: CDMA Mobile Phone, Blue tooth Mobile Phone, WAP Mobile Phone.
Shanghai D&B Industry Co., Ltd. was granted ISO 14001 Certificate of Accreditation.
Shanghai DBTEL is the first and only Taiwanese manufacturer to achieve the domestic sales
quota for handset sales in China.
DBTEL Inc. ranked 192nd in the top 1000 Manufacturing Industries and 5th in the Communication Manufacturing   Industry in Taiwan in the survey lists published by Common-Wealth Magazine in the year 2000.
On the 6th June, DBTEL Inc. officially introduced its own brand GSM handset named "DBTEL" into the China market.
On the 27th November, DBTEL Inc. introduced its own brand GSM handset named "DBTEL" into the Taiwan market.
DBTEL Inc. ranked 147th in the top 1000 Manufacturing Industries in a survey list published by Common-Wealth Magazine in the year 2001.
DBTEL Inc. expanded its business to the ADSL broadband communication industry and has been introducing a series of ADSL products.
Capital increased to a total of NT$5.5 billions.
Shanghai D&B Industry Co., Ltd. has officially changed its company name to"Shanghai DBTEL Industry Co. Ltd".
DBTEL Inc. displayed a series of its own-brand handsets at the CeBIT show held in Germany in March; the products displayed included built-in antenna handsets, clamshell handsets, colour display handsets, clamshell GPRS handsets, etc.
"DBTEL", the own-brand handset of DBTEL Inc., has been successfully marketed in Hong Kong.
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