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With continuous improvement in research and development, DBTEL's R&D department has gained valuable experience over the last 20 years and is the driving force behind DBTEL developing the best products.

Over this period, DBTEL has focused on manufacturing and mass production techniques in the telecommunications industry and continues to concentrate its efforts on the movement of the global telecommunications industry, quickly responding to changes and adjusting its manufacturing structure so as to keep pace with the ever-changing business environment. Constantly increasing capacity enables DBTEL to achieve cost reductions, on-time delivery and the flexibility of risk taking. Moreover, the ability to manufacture critical components in-house, enhances the competence of DBTEL with regard to production costs and quality control.

To achieve its owner-branding-and-manufacturing (OBM) target, DBTEL Inc. establishes the largest telecommunication R&D center in Taipei, Taiwan and set up a professional telecommunication R&D team in Shanghai, China. As being a pioneer in Taiwan telecommunication industry, DBTEL has devoted its R&D resources to mobile phone manufacturing since late 1990s. In 1999, the company started its own mass production of mobile phone. DBTEL's manufacturing capacity reached 10 million in 2000; hence, it became a major mobile phone manufacturer in China and Taiwan. Up to date, the annual manufacturing capacity of both mobile phones and digital telecommunications terminal devices has accomplished more than 20 million. Looking toward the future of the mobile telecommunications market, DBTEL will devote its efforts to keeping pace with 2.5G GPRS or 3G W-CDMA.

The scale of mass production achieved, enables DBTEL's prices to respond quickly to market trends and to gain the competitive edge. The full range of manufacturing services provided, enables DBTEL to hold the edge in production.

Currently, in addition to our factory based in Tu-Cheng Industrial Zone, large modern production facilities have also been set up in Malaysia and Shanghai. The factories keep control of production-related matters and bear overall responsibility for purchasing, manufacturing and delivery via an array of automated equipment and technologies. We are realizing our global production plan through co-ordination between our corporate network in conjunction with decision-making at our Taipei headquarters.

Tu-Cheng, Shanghai & Malaysia were granted the ISO9001 and ISO9002 certificate sequentially. We regard quality as the first priority at every stage and this includes design, development, manufacturing and marketing. On top of this, the Statistical Process Control (SPC) utilized, is the critical safeguard against poor quality. By strict quality control, DBTEL is capable of faster, better and more precise production. Because of this, DBTEL will be known to the world for its image of high quality.

Our products are ergonomically designed by people to make them easy to use, i.e. mobile phones, high frequency cordless digital telephones and high speed ADSL modem.

DBTEL is a trade mark of DBTEL Incorporated. Based on the strength of our vast experience of the production of telecommunications products, we attempt to provide as much benefit to our customers as possible. With the technological ability in R&D and expertise in production, we modify product features according to the diversity of the market; and are able to manufacture the products on time. Focused on the telecommunications industry for the past 20 years, we strive to achieve satisfaction for our customers.

Personal Communication is the benchmark of DBTEL Incorporated and we continuously research and develop for the future.

DBTEL aims to link information and communications in order to create a revolution in our way of living which is high speed, high quality, and at a reasonable price.

DBTEL aims to have information, including hardcopy, voices, images and pictures at your fingertips.

DBTEL intends to make offices, libraries, schools, art centres etc just a keypress away.

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